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Traffic Safety Resources

To help you with your traffic safety program at your organization, the Utah Safety Council, through the Utah Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, provides online resources to use in safety meetings, employee safety fairs and materials employees can take home and share with family members. These resources include safety fact sheets, quizzes, 5 minute safety talks and PowerPoint presentations. Why should you have a traffic safety program? Watch this video.

For further information or questions, please contact ourTraffic Safety Program Manager for the Utah Safety Council at 801.746.SAFE (7233) or at traffic@utahsafetycouncil.org.

Traffic Safety Stats & Facts

Did you know that in 2014?*

  • 54,036 motor vehicle crashes occurred in Utah which resulted in 23,364 injured persons and 256 fatalities.
  • A motor vehicle crash occurred in Utah every 9 minutes, a person was injured in a crash every 23 minutes, and a person died in a crash every 39.5 hours.

Source: Utah Department of Public Safety Crash Facts (Click here for the latest updates!)

Did You Know? The most costly lost-time workers' compensation claims by cause of injury, according to the National Council on Compensation Insurance's data, are for those resulting from motor vehicle crashes. These injuries averaged $70,199 per workers' compensation claim. Source: National Safety Council Injury Facts Publication 2015 ed.

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